By Brian Walsh, Head of Wind Ventures

The energy landscape is changing quickly. The reality of climate change is sinking in and the urgency to decarbonize on a global scale is escalating daily. We are seeing a shifting narrative from governments, corporates, and from a grassroots perspective, calling for more investment into new renewable generation, and the immediate advancement of products and solutions to create a CO₂-free global economy.

But solving the climate crisis needs to go beyond installing or launching more renewable generation, energy storage, energy efficiency solutions, EVs and EV Charging networks, etc. …

This article was first published in Hydrogen Central on July 10, 2021

By Brian Walsh, WIND Ventures

The sustainable, cleantech energy landscape looks much different today than it did just one year ago. Hurdles of price, technology, infrastructure, and policy are falling one by one, as corporations, oil majors, and startups steadily move into the space.

Big oil, at least in the EU with the likes of Shell, BP and others, has joined utilities in the energy transition, making billions in investments into renewables and hydrogen projects. In 2020, solar became the world’s cheapest source of electricity, cheaper than coal…

By Bob Ma, WIND Ventures

This article was first published in ExtraCrunch on July 22, 2021

In the United States, same-day and next-day Amazon Prime deliveries have become the de facto standard in e-commerce. People want convenience and instant gratification, evidenced by the fact that an astonishing ~45% of U.S. consumers are Amazon Prime members.

Most major retailers are scrambling to catch up to Amazon by partnering with last-mile delivery startups. Walmart has become a major investor in Cruise to do autonomous-vehicle deliveries. Target acquired Shipt and Deliv last-mile delivery startups to increase delivery speed. Costco partnered with Instacart for…

By Brian Walsh, Head of Wind Ventures

A new definition of “convenience” has entered the retail market around the world. Lines, scanning and paper receipts are all quickly becoming a thing of the past. In its place is a seamless “grab-and-go” experience that makes the old way feel exceptionally inconvenient.

As the convenience retail sector races to bring the new elements of “convenience” to market, there are two exceptionally difficult challenges:

1. Achieving high accuracy product identification; and

2. Achieving cost-effectiveness for existing stores (retrofit) vs. new stores

The technology required to offer a seamless grab-and-go experience typically includes state-of-the-art…

Delivering Building Automation 2.0

By Brian Walsh, Head of WIND Ventures

75F is a hot small business based in often-chilly Minnesota. Founder Deepinder (Deep) Singh, a software engineer by training, started brainstorming 75F a decade ago after he was frustrated with his efforts to control the temperature in the baby’s room of his drafty house.

He devised a smart HVAC solution that makes commercial buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), 75F harnesses the power of the cloud and packs it into smart control devices to make people more comfortable. 75F’s self-optimizing system does all the…

Author: Brian Walsh, Head of Wind Ventures

A seamless, cost-effective electricity system, from generation to end-use, is closer than anyone might imagine. The new system will see a significant scale-up of clean energy, access to consumer participation and choice, electrification of transportation, microgrids, energy storage, and two-way flows of energy and information. This shift will bring us to a low-carbon, more resilient future.

One of the pivotal technologies required to make this transformation a reality is smart charging for electric vehicles or EVs. With smart charging, the charger “communicates” with your car, the charging operator, and the utility company through…

Author: Brian Walsh, WIND Ventures

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, bringing many challenges and changes but also opportunities. At WIND Ventures, we significantly expanded our portfolio, making investments to back talented entrepreneurs across the globe, from the US to Spain to Colombia. …

Author: Brian Walsh and Bob Ma, WIND Ventures

At WIND Ventures, we are thrilled to announce our participation in Chiper’s $12M Series A investment to accelerate the company’s impressive growth. Chiper is a Colombia-based tech startup that is driving the digital transformation of one of Latin America’s largest and most important retail channels: corner stores. We invested alongside an outstanding group of co-investors, including Monashees and Kaszek Ventures, who have collectively backed some of the most recognizable unicorn startups in Latin America including Rappi, Nubank, and 99.

Source: Chiper

This investment aligns with our focus on investing in the companies that will…

A Look at the Venture Capital Community’s View of Global Growth Markets

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Today, we’re excited to share the results from our latest survey on the venture capital community’s view of global growth markets. The survey reveals venture investors’ misperceptions on Latin America’s favorable fundamentals for startup expansion, with just eight percent viewing the region as the largest growth market behind China (37 percent), Western Europe (29 percent), Southeast Asia (13 percent) and India (12 percent).

At WIND Ventures, our mission is to support startups across the world accelerate growth, primarily within Latin America. This latest research…

Author: Sean Simpson, WIND Ventures

At WIND Ventures we aim to back the companies that will define the new era of energy, transportation and retail. We call San Francisco home but search for the best Founders across the globe and are uniquely positioned to help startups scale into one of the fastest growing global markets, Latin America. Our team brings a wealth of both institutional and corporate venturing experience and has a proven track record of creating win/wins between startups and large corporations.

The energy space is of particular interest to WIND Ventures and we believe that the energy transition…

WIND Ventures

WIND Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of COPEC, a leading energy company with dominant market share throughout Latin America.

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